Dustin Rhodes Goes BALLISTIC On Homophobic Fan


Cody Rhodes fired back at a homophobic fan who didn’t like AEW presenting a homosexual in a title match situation. Dustin Rhodes doesn’t want to hear that kind of talk either.

Sonny Kiss is in line for an AEW TNT Title match at Fight For The Fallen. This triggered one fan. He ended up with two of the Rhodes’ brothers in his mentions as Dustin dropped a scathing tweet calling this hater “a jackass of monumental proportions” among other things.

You are one of those guys, a jackass of monumental proportions. Don’t you ever speak like that again, you piece of shi*! No room for that kind of crap. Now go bury your head forever.

This fan probably learned a very valuable lesson about social media. Cody and Dustin Rhodes certainly put their foot down in this situation.

AEW has operated with the mantra that wrestling is for everyone. Someone with an opinion like that using that kind of insulting language might want to rethink attending an event.

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