WWE’s Likely SummerSlam Location Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

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WWE is planning for SummerSlam because the show must go on even during a pandemic. At least the company has their WWE Performance Center.

The company’s upcoming television taping schedule through SummerSlam was released by John Pollock. He also reported that WWE didn’t give him a confirmation about where SummerSlam will take place.

The schedule might say TBD in the location field next to SummerSlam, but it is very likely that they will be using the WWE Performance Center once again.

“When we inquired about the location of SummerSlam, it was said to be ‘TBD’ with the likely scenario of it being at the Performance Center, but we have not been able to confirm that.”

WWE could try to pull off something unique for SummerSlam. Since they’re not leaving Florida they could always see if a beach could be rented. The cost associated with that might be more than Vince McMahon wants to spend right now.

We’ll have to see what WWE is planning, but the biggest party of the Summer is still on for August 23rd no matter where it goes down.

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