Bobby Lashley and MVP were seen in a viral video roughing someone up at a restaurant. It was a staged incident, and now we know how it happened.

A user on Reddit named Era Of Rain52 said that his friend works at the Ale House where Lashley and MVP filmed the segment. This isn’t anything for WWE and they did it on their own.

It was explained that Lashley and MVP are regulars and another customer came up with the idea. They were happy to oblige after the manager ran down the pitch with them.

So my friend works at this ale house. This actually isnt something for WWE, Lashley and MVP are regulars at that location and one of the guests asked if something like this could happen kinda like as a fan fantasy thing. The manager ran this by with MVP and Lashley and this was the result of it.

That online video got quite a bit of attention. It wasn’t a bad idea at all to release something like that either. Maybe now that they have the idea it can be something that the Hurt Business can run with.

Do you want to see more videos of Lashley and MVP roughing up civilians in public? Sound off in the comments below!

Felix Upton

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