Renee Young Hypes A Huge Announcement & She’s Not Pregnant


Renee Young tested positive for COVID-19. This was not news she wanted, especially on the same week WWE Backstage was cancelled. She does have very happy news to announce next week.

Young got on Twitter and revealed that she has a “big fat announcement” set for Wednesday. She’s very happy about this too, but she didn’t give us much of a hint about what she has to annoucne.

Hey y’all!! I’m so so happy, I have a big fat announcement for everyone on Wednesday!

One fan tweeted out three guesses: She’s recovered from COVID-19, she’s pregnant, or she’s going back to Canada. Young confirmed that it is “sadly” none of those options. “But it’s still good!”

We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see what Renee Young is up to. Perhaps she’s finally getting that cooking show, or she has a role in a Hallmark Christmas movie like she’s been bugging them about for years.

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