WWE RAW’s Renee Young Wants A Hallmark Movie But They’re Ignoring Her

Renee Young has a lot of opportunities in WWE. But she’s always looking for her next step even as her career seems to be doing well as a Raw announcer. It seems that she’s been trying to get into the acting world, or at least the Hallmark Channel.

Young recently commented on Regular Girls that she’s been trying to get a Hallmark movie for some time now. But no matter how famous she might already be, she’s not getting any love from them.

“You know who else won’t respond to me ever is Hallmark. I just want a Hallmark movie and they won’t retweet me. They won’t even like my tweets. They are un-acknowledging my existence, it’s pissing me off.”

Renee Young didn’t specify whether she wanted to star in a Hallmark movie or have one based on her life. In all reality, a movie about Renne and Dean Ambrose’s relationship might make a pretty interesting flick. But for whatever reason, Hallmark isn’t biting… yet.

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