WWE Steps Up To Get Renee Young In Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie

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Renee Young is the host of WWE Backstage, but she’s looking for extra work. She loves Hallmark Original Movies and really wants to be in one of their popular Christmas movies.

Young put out a video begging Hallmark to put her in one of their movies. She’ll literally take any role they offer her. Then WWE stepped it up a notch by quoting her tweet while writing their own official message to Hallmark.

Hey @hallmarkchannel,

This is @ReneeYoungWWE. She’s great and watches all your movies. She wants to live out her #HallmarkDreamJob and give the money to cute dogs.


P.S. She’s open to extra work.


Let’s just see if Hallmark replies. This isn’t the first time Renee Young lobbied to get in a Hallmark Original Movie. They keep ignoring her requests. She would also love her own cooking show, but so far she’s settling for that sweet FOX money.

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