Renee Young Getting Canadian Comfort Food Care Package From WWE Superstar

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Renee Young has the novel coronavirus, but she is reportedly doing better. She could still use some Canadian love.

Young tweeted out a simple question for fans, but she might not have expected such an immediate reply. She simply wanted to know if someone in Canada could send her a couple of her favorite treats that aren’t sold in the States.

If anyone from Canada wants to send me some Ah Caramels, Joe Louis and or Swiss Chalet, I’d be forever in your debt.

The Singh Brothers are stuck in Canada right now and unable to make it to WWE’s tapings. The travel ban might be annoying for them, but it puts them in the perfect position to help out Renee Young. Their official twitter replied to Young saying “we got you,” before asking if she wants something from The Keg too.

Renee Young replied back saying: “Please!!! I think their horseradish would kick me out!” WWE execs never called Renee Young to even check on her, but we have to imagine the Singh Brothers will follow through with this care package promise.

We can only hope that some comfort food is what Renee Young needs to kick the coronavirus.

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