Austin Aries’ name was already brought into the #SpeakingOut movement. More victims came forward after the first wave. Following his denial of those allegations, a new story has emerged which is incredibly graphic. This is your official mature content warning.

A new anonymous female has come forward with a story that is quite shocking. She is a wrestler and worked with Aries “a few years back.” They allegedly ended up having sex, but it wasn’t until she was “too drunk to fight it off.” Then he didn’t pull out, gave her $50, and told her to get a Plan B pill.

You can read her full account of events below.

Austin Aries is a predator and ruined my life…

I was on a show with him a few years ago. At the after party, he kept feeling me glass after glass of wine until I was too drunk to drive home. He told me I could stay in his room. I told him I had a boyfriend, to which he replied “that’s fine I’ll sleep on the floor.” I trusted him.

When we got back to the room, he fed me wine until almost 5am. I thought it was cool I was partying with someone famous. When I got in bed, HE did too.. I was too scared to say anything because he was a star, and I was just making my way up in the indies.

He started pushing himself on me, and my drunken mind gave in. I didn’t want to do it, but I was too drunk to fight it off. Then to my surprise, HE CAME INSIDE OF ME! I freaked out because I’m not on birth control. He gave me $50 and told me to get the morning after pill.

I cried for days hoping to get my period, which I luckily did. I admitted to my boyfriend what happened, and as I’m sure you can guess, it ruined my life. Aries was an asshole about the whole thing and blocked me when I tried to reach out and tell him I’m not pregnant.

Austin Aries denied the previous accusations against him. He has yet to answer to this new account of his sexual abuse.

The #SpeakingOut movement is still going as more individuals have the strength to tell their stories. Hopefully, this will create a much safer space for the entire pro wrestling world.

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