WWE invited friends and family into the WWE Performance Center. This was a surprising move that even the WWE Superstars in the building didn’t know happened until they read about it online.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is not over no matter how bad Florida wants to re-open. There is an astronomical surge in positive COVID-19 test results as well. It’s no setting for a pro wrestling show depending on who you ask.

Jimmy Korderas was at home when he saw fans appear in the Performance Center. While he spoke to Wrestling Inc, the former WWE referee revealed that he fits into the category of people who think that it’s too early to open back up, especially for live fans.

“I hate to sound like this, but I’m not surprised. We’re hearing about MLB, or hockey, or football players testing positive and, especially with wrestlers being in such close proximity, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to test positive, in that environment. But I’m glad they’re taking the right steps going forward to try to minimize the potential spread of this.”


“People are saying, ‘Oh, they could have avoided this,’ but you never know. I’m not an expert on COVID-19, but I know that there are people that are asymptomatic that could potentially be near you. So, you never know.”

WWE didn’t allow live fans to wear masks either. This was quite the controversial decision, but Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon didn’t want to see masks on their television show.

As of this writing only two positive coronavirus tests have been discovered in WWE. One was found following WrestleMania 36, but that infected individual never went to the WWE Performance Center while they were contagious. The most recent case is a female developmental talent who was last at the WWE Performance Center on June 9th. Korderas is surprised that they only had the two results so far.

A new mandate in Orange County might require fans to wear masks, at least during the next 10 days. We’ll have to see if fans are sporting covered faces after the next taping.

Felix Upton

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