WWE Superstars Looking To Run Into Jaxson Ryker


Jaxson Ryker caused quite a bit of controversy with his support of Donald Trump. Some of his co-workers want to talk to him about that.

Wrestling News reports that some Superstars “hope” to see Ryker at next week’s television tapings. It was also noted that “there are some who are not bothered by Ryker’s comments and many people in WWE are Trump supporters.”

Not everyone is a fan of Trump like Vince McMahon is. Another Superstar reportedly stated that they want to see Ryker because they just want to make him understand what the protests are really all about.

“He’s a good guy and I don’t think he’s racist. I just think he grew up in a different environment and [he] didn’t have to deal with racism so he doesn’t get it. I hope he seeks out someone who can educate him on why people are outraged.”

We’ll have to see if the Forgotten Sons get some prime television time. Jaxson Ryker might be a very popular man in the locker room next week as well.

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