Aleister Black and Zelina Vega recently opened up about being in an interracial marriage. For Black, race is not an issue at all, but the racism in America is heartbreaking for him to see.

While chatting with a fan on Instagram live, Aleister Black spoke on the subject of racism. He got very emotional and couldn’t hold back all of the tears as he wondered why things are still this way in such an advanced society.

“All this racial bullsh*t it’s so unfair, man. I feel like embarrassed a lot of the times. It’s just f*cked up that we still in a time when this sh*t is still going on. It just does my head in dude. Like it does my absolute head in. Like, it shouldn’t be this way — it shouldn’t be this difficult. Like our society is so far advanced, it shouldn’t be this way. It makes no sense, but I can say that 100 million times and it’s not gonna change a thing and how do we approach it? We try to make people understand.”

This is a very important time in American and world history as well. The entire planet is watching America and Aleister Black doesn’t like what they are seeing. Hopefully, all of this attention will cause the change that was needed so long ago.


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