AEW’s Nyla Rose recently addressed a fan’s critique regarding the similarity in appearance between AEW’s Mariah May and WWE’s Tiffany Stratton.

Since her debut on the main roster in February, Tiffany Stratton has garnered significant attention and a growing fanbase, particularly during her stint on SmackDown. Meanwhile, Mariah May has been making waves in the US wrestling scene, notably paired with AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm in recent months.

As both Stratton and May have become fixtures on US television, some fans have noted their resemblance and engaged in debates about their likenesses.

Wrestling journalist Jim Valley added fuel to the fire by suggesting that May should avoid wearing pink attire to avoid looking too much like Stratton. Valley argued that because WWE holds a larger audience, May should be the one to alter her AEW presentation.


“WWE is the wrestling leader. No question. Because of that, Mariah May should not wear pink. It makes her look too much like Tiffany Stratton.”

“Mariah May is her own person and extremely talented. You don’t want people thinking you’re not your own character. #AEWDynamite”

In response, Nyla Rose shared pointed photo on Twitter with the text, “That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works,” accompanied by a caption that reads, “Oohhhh boy!!! The new ‘dumbest f**king thing ever’ just dropped!!!”

Many fans echoed Rose’s sentiment, asserting that May shouldn’t have to modify her appearance, especially considering her longer tenure in the wrestling industry compared to Stratton.

Despite the debate, both performers are carving out their distinct paths in their respective promotions, contributing to their rosters in unique ways.

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