WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Tweets ‘White Power’ In Response To Criticism Of Protests


Sunny created a storm today. She tweeted out her support of Donald Trump bringing the military in to break up protests. Then she proceeded to reply to the outraged comments on her notifications.

She tried to clear up her tweet which called protesters “animals.” In a follow-up tweet Sunny said: “Ya know what’s funny?? I said ANIMALS , not BLACK ANIMALS, and all these black people are getting their panties in a bunch. Guilty conscience huh??? Right there YOU are naming yourself ANIMALS. NOT ME!”

One fan didn’t buy Sunny’s excuse and she tweeted back saying that Sunny knew exactly what she was saying. The fan also stated that “MFS like you are only brave on social media. Talk sh*t and block.”

Sunny’s reply was: “Yeah. Ok. Whatevs. #WhitePower.” She deleted the tweet, but it was out there long enough to attract a considerable amount of attention.

The WWE Hall Of Famer suggested that she call a fan the N-Word in response to criticism as well. She deleted that tweet too, but nothing disappears on the internet forever.

You can see a screenshot of the conversation below. The unavailable tweet can be found underneath the conversation.


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