Sonya Deville Says The Fight Against Injustice Must Continue As Pride Month Begins


June 1st marks the start of Pride Month in America which is usually a very happy time for Sonya Deville. She was on a parade float last year, but this year she has a much different message.

Deville tweeted out as Pride Month started, but she can’t turn away from the injustice plaguing America. She continued to call for people to unite as the fight continues to make a change across the board.

Pride month starts today and we cannot turn away from the racism, violence, and injustice that is taking place in our streets today. The LGBTQIA+ community has a keen understanding of oppression, violence, and discrimination and the on-going fight continues for them as well. But right now the fight continues for #BlackLivesMatter we must all unite, fight for what is right, our freedom, our justice, equality across the board. I love you all.

Sonya Deville released a previous statement on the current movement for social justice in America. This is a stance she is obviously passionate about. She called for fans to step up and demand a change. It appears this call to action is continuing for Deville.

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