Sunny Drops Profanity Filled Retort To Her F*cktard Haters


WARNING: This article contains some very naughty language.

Sunny has a lot say on Twitter, especially if you’re one of her followers who expects her to set a better example given her position of influence.

Tammy Lynn Sytch got a ton of heat after her comments about Hana Kimura. The WWE Hall Of Famer then started slinging mud where ever she could. It didn’t end there and she had a special message for everyone who calls her an ego maniac and a c*nt, because she willingly admits that she is both of those things.

Oh boo hoo. Tw*ts who follow me are calling me an ego maniac and a c*nt. Tell me something I don’t already know. Sticks and stones. F*cktards.

One fan replied to Sunny saying: “You got serious issues. Crazy thing is, you hadn’t been nowhere in the news a few months ago and my coworkers were saying how nuts you are. Lol. Now I see wassup.”

Sunny’s response was: “Yet YOU FOLLOW ME. Now who’s nuts??”

Sunny has a way of dealing with her haters. She faces them head-on and isn’t backing down. She also has the fact that she makes a ton off her Only Fans account to flaunt around.

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