Sunny said something on Facebook about Hana Kimura’s suicide that brought a lot of attention. You can read what she said here and we encourage you to do so before jumping into the rest of this article.

Tammy Lynn Sytch is making ton of money on her Only Fans account which is great for her. She used this as an example of how she takes hate and turns it into cash. This would have been fine if she didn’t compare her situation to Hana Kimura’s.

Following Ringside News’ article about Tammy Lynn Sytch’s comments, she went off on Facebook once again. This time she was even more unhinged and made a false accusation about what we included in our story about the incident.

(Special note, Sunny refers to the story as “gossip” which is not true. Gossip by definition is “relaying details that are not confirmed as being true.” Sunny did post that on Facebook, so it wasn’t gossip at all, it was reporting a factual occurrence.)


You know what? All you assholes who wanna read gossip web sites and believe that’s truth, go f*ck yourselves and block yourselves. I made one statement about HOW I DON’T LET CYBER BULLYING GET TO ME and y’all twist it like I put the razor blade to her wrists. Come the f*ck on already. Get a life people. I will NEVER stop speaking my mind AND the truth. Truth hurts, snowflakes.”

We hope that Tammy Lynn Sytch, and everyone else can find happiness in life. This world is hard enough as it is right now. We don’t need the additional hatred at all.

What happened to Hana Kimura was a tragedy. Sunny obviously didn’t read up on it too much or she would have known Kimura’s actual cause of death was not what she stated in her post. Please be kind to each other.

Felix Upton

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