Hana Kimura died at 22 years old. She was harassed by online bullies until she took her own life. This was a tragedy and the world lost an extremely talented young woman as her career was just starting. Plenty of people reacted to this terrible news including Reby Hardy.

Queen Rebecca tweeted out and ruffled some feathers with her take of the situation. She tweeted out:

“But keep on with your shit stan culture & *sassy* edgelord comments towards wrestlers. The internet is f*cking trash.”

Reby Hardy received a slew of negative messages for that tweet. One fan commented wondering why Matt Hardy didn’t defend his wife when her comment got so much heat. Matt Hardy replied to this fan. He made it clear that he has his wife’s back, but they have a different approach to dealing with things.

Stand 100% with & have @RebyHardy’s back. We’re different & approach attacks very differently. Real-life Matt don’t choose to respond to any hate/negativity, unless it’s Big Money Matt heeling. Reby just pops off when people come for here. If ya poke SBK, she’ll slaughter ya.

Hana Kimura’s death was awful. It shouldn’t have happened and people are mad, sad, and all different kinds of upset over it. The trolls who brought Kimura to suicide are also pretty scared because they could face charges.

Everyone is dealing with this awful issue of cyber bullying differently. It’s clear that the overall idea is that trolls need to stop.

A lot of fans brought up how Reby Hardy talked about Ashley Massaro after her suicide. We’ve included some of the responses Reby Hardy received below.

People might have been upset at Reby Hardy, but it doesn’t hold a candle to how angry they were about what Sunny said.

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