Why Shad Gaspard Wasn’t Mentioned During WWE RAW

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Shad Gaspard was at the beach on Sunday when a riptide pulled him under. A big wave crashed on him and he wasn’t seen again. After hours of rescue efforts he still wasn’t found.

The search continued on Monday, but Gaspard wasn’t found and the search was eventually called off. This is a heartbreaking situation and our thoughts go out to everyone in this situation. WWE ran a taped RAW this week, and they didn’t include any mention of Shad Gaspard.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that they didn’t want to put up a “in memorial” slide because Shad Gaspard hasn’t been found yet. It is simply too early to say anything for sure.

They could have edited a mention for Shad Gaspard into RAW this week with a voice-over, but they obviously decided against it. We’ll have to see if WWE ends up making a mention of Shad Gaspard on NXT or SmackDown this week.

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