WWE has their own list of words you can’t say on television. It’s interesting why some of those words are banned, but Vince McMahon has his reasons.

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During a recent episode of Ring The Belle, Taynara Conti revealed that WWE informed her that she can’t say “crazy” on television. There are a lot of words that WWE will implement to get around using that word. It is evidently offensive to mentally ill people.

“I always tried to put that in my matches, like I need to find a moment to do it. One day, I had a match on TV. Someone from WWE told me, ‘Hey, Tay, we cannot say ‘crazy’ on TV anymore.’ I was like, ‘Oh no, that’s kind of my thing now.’ They were like, ‘Yeah, sorry, don’t say it.’”


Crazy might not be the offensive word, but some words are offensive when translated into different languages. Just to be on the safe side, WWE obviously doesn’t want to jump into a controversy if they see it coming. They have enough bad press as it is in any language.

Paul Heyman recently pulled for Vince McMahon to allow the word “wrestling” during the Edge and Randy Orton program. They are supposedly going to have “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” We’ll have to see if WWE continues to use “Wrestling” because it was also a banned word.

You can check out the updated list of banned words below:

  • Belt
  • Our Industry
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Wrestling (May Be Permitted Agin)
  • Pro Wrestler
  • The Title is on the Line
  • House Show
  • Title Shot (It’s An Opportunity)
  • Strap
  • Performance
  • Hospital
  • Sports Entertainment
  • Title Changing Hands
  • Faction
  • Talent
  • Performer
  • Title Match
  • War
  • Interesting
  • The Business
  • Feud
  • Fans
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