Marty Jannetty Reveals Salacious Story About Woman He Shared With Friends

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Marty Jannetty will open up from time to time on social media. He recently jumped on Facebook and shared something very candid.

The former Rocker apparently once had a female acquaintance who got to know some of his friends as well. He wanted to tell everyone about it.

Jannetty is very open about his escapades. He recently revealed a dilemma he faced when asked to get to know a mother and daughter combo. Now he’s sharing a story about a woman named Leslie, or maybe that wasn’t her name.

One of the prettiest girls I’ve ever dated..omg was she good at sex..I had her give it to a couple of my friends..I will NOT tell you her name was Leslie

Marty Jannetty knows how to get attention on social media. Plenty of his friends appreciate the updates. He’s still taking bookings and will likely get back on the road once the COVID-19 pandemic calms down and indie shows open back up again.

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