Drew McIntyre Reacts To Dig From Tyson Fury — He Wants To ‘Talk Business’

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Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury might have a match in their future. The two teased having a throw down after WrestleMania. They are still taking jabs at each other on social media.

Fury did a webcam workout session and he had a little fun at the WWE Champion’s expense. BT Sport posted a clip from the workout where he threw a little shade at McIntyre.

“Shout out to Drew McIntyre! He’s been calling me out, he doesn’t want to catch a left hook!” Fury also said of McIntyre: “He’s 6”6 but he’s chiseled! I want to fight him but he’s got a good body!”

Drew McIntyre had some fun with this mention from Tyson Fury. It’s always nice to hear from a fan and Tyson Fury is apparently a huge fan of the King Of Claymore Country.

Always nice hearing from my biggest fan, @Tyson_Fury! Maybe I’ll join you on Instagram for a workout, give you some tips and then one day we can talk business

We’ll have to see if Tyson Fury ever makes it back to WWE. The current COVID-19 pandemic will need to level off to the point where international travel is possible. You can never say never in WWE because Fury vs McIntyre might be a big match to pique Vince McMahon’s interest.

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