AJ Styles Says WWE Wasted His Television Return


AJ Styles and The Undertaker battled in a Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36 that will live on as a unique masterpiece. Others weren’t fans of the cinematic style, but it was universally praised especially once Triple H revealed all the production tribulations.

Styles recently returned to WWE television as a surprise addition to a gauntlet match. He earned a Money In The Bank slot with that return. While discussing things on his Mixer stream, AJ Styles opened up and agreed with fans who were critical about his return. He’s “with” some of those negative comments about how WWE utilized his return after the Boneyard Match.

“The return… could’ve been more, okay. I’ve heard people talk about, ‘Well I mean… kinda just wasted it. AJ Styles was buried alive, could’ve came back as a different character in a different mood and a different look, something different about AJ Styles and he came back and he was exactly the same before he got buried.’ I’m with you.”

“Now, I think the circumstances had a lot to do with AJ Styles coming back when he did… but, the circumstances, the match… maybe we needed some more star power in the match. Maybe that’s what that was. I don’t know, I’m not tooting my own horn here, but, I wish we could’ve waited and had times been different, that could’ve been something that we would’ve went [with].”

AJ Styles is now a betting odds favorite to win the 2020 Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Sunday will be a big night for AJ Styles, but the match was filmed weeks ago. Styles will be watching as he prepares for WWE’s live RAW next Monday.

Do you think WWE should have done more with AJ Styles’ return? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Post Wrestling for the quote

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