Carmella Doesn’t Want Fans Asking About Relationship With Corey Graves

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Carmella and Corey Graves’ relationship got a ton of attention due to the scandalous nature in which it started. Graves’ ex-wife didn’t make things drama-free at all. Mella and Graves have been through a lot during their relationship so far and now they want to give advice. Just don’t ask them about their own relationship.

Carmella jumped on Twitter to let fans know that they can ask her and Graves relationship questions. They plan on going through them during a Q&A. Then she included a second tweet to make it clear that they’re not looking for questions about their own relationship.

Live! With Matt and Leah in 30 minutes! @WWEGraves and I will be answering some of the relationship questions you sent in! It’s not too late to ask yours

*** questions about YOUR relationships, not ours.

We’ll have to see if Carmella and Corey Graves have any good advice to share. They might find a new niche in the self-help advice guru game. Everyone has to start making plans for the future and that might be their ticket.

What kind of relationship advice question would you ask Carmella and Corey Graves? Drop them all in the comments below.

Update: Mella reached out to RSN in a very respectful and friendly way. She made it clear that: “Lmao y’all are so stupid. I was reminding everyone on Twitter to send their relationship questions to us so we could answer them on our IG live. I’ll talk about my relationship with him all day long.”

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