Triple H was a huge creative influence behind the Boneyard Match, but it took some help putting the match together. Jeremy Borash was among the people who helped put the Boneyard Match together. Borash was also a big assistance in forming the Broken Universe. Jeff Hardy realized the Boneyard Match was familiar as soon as he saw it.

While speaking to After The Bell, Jeff Hardy revealed his initial reaction to the Boneyard Match. He thought it was amazing, but it also caused some major creative juices to start flowing as well.

“Watching the Boneyard Match? I was envious man. Because I know what it’s like behind the scenes when your film and stuff like that. It’s just so fun and when you’re filming through all hours of the night and then you get to watch the finished product back? That match was amazing, like when AJ came out of that coffin? I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I know what minds this is coming from.’”

“It reminded me a lot of the Final Deletion sure. And I think a lot of other people [felt the same]. But that cinematic stuff? It can be really useful if you can get to the all these cool different places to build stuff like that.”

The Charismatic Enigma also revealed his own idea for a cinematic match in WWE. He wants to implement a motocross track into the situation to create something totally unique. It also sounds pretty dangerous, but taking risks is nothing new for Hardy.

“I was on my motocross track and I had this vision; where if there was some kind of motocross match? Like a ring in the middle of it that was all lit up? But, there was a race going on at the same time. So I’d have all kinds of crazy, nutty ideas. That’s the beauty of pro wrestling, that anything is possible.”

Hardy also stated that just to see WWE film matches in a cinematic style like the Final Deletion “it’s just an honor.” Jeff Hardy is still very proud of everything he was able to do with his brother Matt. Now the Hardy Boyz are separated by company lines once again, but the idea of cinematic matches could continue in both WWE and AEW now.

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Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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