Jeff Hardy’s career in WWE stretched over two decades and he has received a focus in recent weeks on SmackDown. WWE cut together a multi-part vignette series following Hardy’s career including the peaks and valleys. He has been through a lot in recent months, but Hardy is ready to make a full return with a clear head.

While speaking to After The Bell, Hardy opened up about his alcoholism. He explained how things have changed for him, but he takes it one day at a time while putting in the work.

Hardy realizes that this is his final shot in WWE. He has a few good years to perform and the Charismatic Enigma wants to make it count.

“Now that I’ve been to inpatient rehab for the first time in my life I’ve learned a lot about the disease known as alcoholism and addiction and I went to the drugs when I got arrested because even on SmackDown last week when they aired the mugshots and stuff, that’s some heavy stuff, but it’s gonna be good sh*t because I really — like this is my last chance to get it right. I wanna get a few good years out of this body and do the most that I can, but yeah, it was weird man.”

“Now I still have a legal situation hanging over me. I haven’t been convicted. When I got pulled October 3rd, 2019, the day before I called WWE and said ‘I need help, I need treatment. There’s something wrong with me because of this alcohol thing.’ Yeah I’ve learned so much in recover just little things like one day at a time and not drinking and not drugging. It’s just calling my sponsor every day and talking to another alcoholic there’s something powerful about it when you admit what you are when you can own that. There’s a huge peace in my mind knowing that if I never drink again I’m never getting into trouble. It’s like Jeff Hardy plus no drinking equals no trouble because all of my trouble has either came from drugs or alcohol and I’m just a guy with the alcohol I can’t drink like other people. I’ve surrendered and manned up to it.”

Hardy’s court date for his October DUI arrest was recently pushed back to July.

It appears that Jeff Hardy and Sheamus are set to do battle upon Hardy’s return. This could explain why Sheamus has been picking on Michael Cole in recent weeks to prepare for an eventual save from Jeff Hardy.

The story is far from over for Jeff Hardy in WWE. Hopefully, this recent transformation in his personal life will help provide a happy ending.

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