Natalya Addresses Major Wardrobe Malfunction Posted To YouTube Video

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Natalya and her sister are bored during the pandemic. They were in a great mood and decided to put on evening gowns and practice the Sharpshooter, because that’s what Neidharts do.

During that video, Nattie revealed a little bit too much of herself. Her sister also experienced a bit of an unfortunate reveal. The Queen Of Harts pulled the video down and edited it. Then she put it back up and addressed the accidental brief reveal during her latest video.

Our most recent @youtube ep is up! @harttotable —Involving Sharpshooters and a small/medium wardrobe malfunction~ nothing to see here (don’t ask why we’re wearing dresses, either) 

Natalya might want to start previewing her videos a little bit closer before posting them from now on.

Click here to see the uncut video.

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