Paige Shares Heart Melting Sign Of Appreciation After Generous Gift

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The world is going through a lot of problems right now. The novel coronavirus messed up a lot of lives and caused many people some serious financial issues. Paige recently did what she could to help a couple of them out.

Paige received a photo of a girl holding up a sign that thanked her for the gift she sent her mom. This little girl also said that she hopes to meet Paige someday because she plans to join WWE.

She tweeted this photo out along with a message saying that it melted her heart to see such appreciation.

This melts my heart!! She was able to get her inhaler. So happy I was able to help some people today. Seeing this smile is beautiful!

Paige did receive a bit of push-back over her generosity. She had her own way of dealing with that kind of opinion.

Paige will keep doing what she wants. If she wants to give her money to people who could really use it then that’s her prerogative. It just goes to show that nobody can control Paige, no matter what she’s doing.

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