Paige Answers Critic Saying She Shouldn’t Have Given Struggling WWE Fans Money

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Paige recently helped out some struggling WWE fans by sending them money. She’s being thanked for this act of generosity. Not everyone seems to think she made a smart move.

One fan advised that Paige shouldn’t be scammed because Americans just got stimulus checks. He seemed to think that a $1,200 check (if they got one) was enough to fix their problems. Paige didn’t worry about this. She was glad to help out when she could.

Sure some people got help. But some people didn’t or haven’t yet. Also some have bills that the pay out isn’t helping and maybe they have to go without. Also so many people have lost their jobs. Why not help out if I can?

Paige didn’t have to do what she did. The fact that she went out of her way to help people out shows that she’s thinking about others during this trying time. We’re not sure how much money Paige sent, but it certainly meant a lot to the people who received it.

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