Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future Remains Unclear


Brock Lesnar dropped the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. It was a big moment for McIntyre and the building would have been full of cheering if fans were allowed in the building.

During WWE’s 1st quarter 2020 investors call, Vince McMahon said “we no longer have Brock Lesnar, obviously.” That piqued the interest of a few people. Lesnar often takes long vacations, but McMahon’s wording was very vague in that regard.

“Does that mean he’s not coming back?” Dave Meltzer questioned during Wrestling Observer Radio. Lesnar has historically kept his contracts very close to the vest. It’s unclear when he will return to WWE at this point.

Bryan Alvarez noted that Lesnar likely won’t be coming back as long as there are zero live fans. “I don’t he’s coming back to empty arenas.”

We’ll have to see when Brock Lesnar makes his presence known again. It might depend on how long it takes for WWE to bring live fans back to their television tapings. If it takes too long, Lesnar might not have a choice but to return to an empty arena. Obviously, that is not preferable.

WrestleMania usually marks the end of storylines. It could have also meant the conclusion of another short-term deal for the Beast Incarnate. If Brock Lesnar does return to WWE it likely won’t be until the coronavirus pandemic subsides a bit and allows some form of normalcy once again.

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