Angel Garza & Charly Caruso Romance Angle Heating Up On WWE RAW

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Angel Garza is engaged in real life. Just a few months ago he proposed in an NXT ring after winning the Cruiserweight Title. His mom was even there to surprise him. It was a really cool experience for Garza, but that doesn’t seem to matter on RAW.

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WWE backstage interviewer Charly Caruso caught the eye of Angel Garza when he debuted on Raw. He’s taken a liking to flirting with Caruso. This week on Raw he took it a step further.

During a backstage interview, Garza extended a rose to Charly Caruso and asked her out on a date. He wants to become better acquainted with her and she seemed all about it. We’ll have to see how this storyline advances, but it’s getting interesting.

On a side note, Angel Garza’s fiance was on hand a couple of weeks ago during Raw. She was a planted as photographer that Angel Garza planted a kiss on.

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