WWE RAW Results – April 27, 2020


Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW.

As per usual, tonight’s RAW will emanate from the WWE Performance Centre and, as per usual, WWE hasn’t give us much information about the show. It’s unclear why WWE has stopped giving full previews for the shows, but tonight we only know of one match and one segment.

Said match will see Asuka take on Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in a Triple Threat. This is a super exciting match because it’s three of WWE biggest female Superstars and three they usually protect. This match will serve as a teaser for Money In The Bank, which happens in a few weeks.

And the segment we know happening tonight is a Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins contract signing. Two weeks ago Seth attacked Drew out of the blue, and last week McIntyre told him to come get some. So this week we get a contract signing and can only assume it will end in calamity.

That’s all we know about tonight’s RAW – as well as Samoa Joe on commentary – but we can assume all three of Zelina Vega’s clients will be in action, as well as Aleister Black, Apollo Crews, and more. We’ll have live updates for the show as it happens, so stay tuned to the Ringside News app, and follow us on Twitter to join the conversation. Enjoy the show!


This week’s RAW opens with MVP in the VIP Lounge. MVP welcomes us to the show and the only nightclub that is still open: the VIP Lounge. He says his guests tonight are the men in the most unique Money In The Bank Ladder Match. MVP introduces the legendary Rey Mysterio, followed by Aleister Black and Apollo Crews.

The MITB competitors sit on couches in the ring. MVP asks Rey what it means to be Mr. Money In The Bank. Before Rey can answer, MVP says he already knows; it’s a chance for Rey to cement his legacy. He then says for Black it means a chance to catapult his star even higher. And for Crews, well he’s man enough to admit Crews beat him. Crews goes to speak but is interrupted by Zelina Vega and her crew.

Vega says nobody cares what Apollo has to say but the one thing the WWE Universe can’t get enough of is Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. She says those three men are the future of Monday Night RAW, and the three in the ring can’t measure up. She says the future the men in the ring represent is a bleak one, one where the briefcase winds-up on SmackDown. They make their way into the VIP Lounge and Vega says they can do what is best for RAW and allow her men to take their places.

MVP starts talking but Rey grabs the microphone and says Vega is crazy for thinking they’d give their spots up. He says he gets the feeling they came to pick a fight, then all hell breaks loose and the babyfaces quickly clear the ring. We can expect a six-man tag match.

*Commercial Break*

Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio & Apollo Crews Vs. Angel Garza, Andrade, & Austin Theory W/Zelina Vega

The bell rings as we return from the break, and we’re kicking things off with Garza and Black. Garza extends a hand but Black takes him down and grinds him with a submission. Garza fights to his feet and takes a wrist behind the back but Black picks his leg and cranks his knee. Garza turns the tables and kicks the leg of Black before unloading some ground and pound. Black clocks him with an up-kick, then hits a hip toss.

Black trips Garza with a roll, then attempts a pin to no avail. Crews tags in and so does Theory, who gets dropped instantly with a shoulder. Crews hits a stalling vertical suplex. Theory whips Crews to the corner but Apollo flips over him, hits a dropkick and a hip toss into a wristlock. Mysterio tags in and beats Theory in the corner, followed by a hurricanrana into the buckles. Theory drops Rey with a knee and tags in Garza.

Rey ducks them both and catches both with a hurricanrana onto the middle rope. He looks to hit 619 but Andrade tags himself in and attacks Rey. Mysterio counters Andrade, knocking him into position but Theory and Garza pull him from the ring. Crews and Black run in and hit dives to all three on the outside as we ehad to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Theory has Black in a sleeper hold. Aleister fights up but gets clubbed back down. Theory kicks the back and applies a rear chinlock. Theory gest Black up in a Torture Rack and throws him off into the buckles, followed by a back suplex. The heels make use of quick tags to keep Black isolated.

Finally Black is able to drop Theory with a huge chest kick and tag Rey, who comes in against Andrade and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Rey runs but gets tossed to the apron, only to hit a seated senton springboard, followed by a kick to the head for a two-count. Mysterio hits the ropes but gets countered with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Rey counters Andrade and the now-legal Garza to send the former from the ring with a hurricanrana. Garza knees Rey in the face and rips his pants off, then slides him chest-first out of the ring to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Rey is being beaten down by Andrade. Austin tags in and hits a standing moonsault for a two-count, then tags Andrade back into the fold. Rey hits a springboard tilt-a-whirl DDT to create some distance. Tags made to Apollo and Theory.

Crews hits some lariats, then slams Theory into the corner, lifst him and runs him to the opposite corner. Apollo catches the incoming Garza with a spinebuster, then hits a high-angle powerslam to Theory but Andrade breaks the pinfall. Autinhits a brainbuster for a near-fall, then Andrade blind-tags in. Andrade pulls the top rope down and Crews goes flying to the floor.

Everyone runs in and hits some moves until we’re left with Andrade and Crews. Andrade ducks Apollo and hits a discus elbow for a near-fall. Andrade looks for the Hammerlock DDT but Andrade counters with the sit-out powerbomb for the win!

Winners: Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio, & Apollo Crews

We take a look at the Triple H 25 Year celebration with the formation of D-Generation X.

*Commercial Break*

We get another video of a Triple H moment and it’s his match against Sting at WrestleMania. It seems we’re gonna get 10 videos of The King throughout the night.

We see Andrade and elina arguing backstage, then Charly asks him what happened. He speaks in Spanish for the most part but it seems he said none of the babyfaces could beat him in a US Title match. Apollo appears and says he could do it again tonight. Andrade comes back and shoves him, saying he could challenge him anytime. Apollo slaps Andrade and Vega gets in his face, asking if he thinks he’s a big shot, to which he says yes. Vega says he can have his title shot tonight.

A highlight package of the burgeoning Seth Rollins Vs. Drew McIntyre feud airs. They will sign a contract for their MITB showdown later tonight.

The eigth highligh from Triple H’s career is shown, and this time it’s Triple H Vs. The Rock in the main event of the first SmackDown, where HHH retained the title.

*Commercial Break*

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