WWE Superstars Reportedly Ignoring Safety Procedure At Performance Center Tapings


WWE is taking every precaution they can to protect from the novel coronavirus, but masks aren’t a part of the procedure for everyone.

The company has a spray that can kill the novel coronavirus for months. They are also putting everyone through a medical screening process. Superstars aren’t wearing masks as Fightful Select reports.

Based on talent we’ve heard from, almost no talent have been wearing masks around at the WWE tapings, and about 80 percent of staff is.  

Masks can get in the way, but they are also very helpful. Apparently, a majority of the staff are wearing masks, but Superstars are not participating.

We previously reported that some local business owners are uncomfortable about WWE running their television tapings. They said that social distancing is not being observed.

Are you wearing a mask during the pandemic? Sound off in the comments below!

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