Carmella Rocks Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair Looks In Mocking New Video

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Carmella is getting pretty good at lip syncing and she’s taken to recreating moments in WWE featuring some of her coworkers. Yesterday, Mella impersonated Bayley and Sasha Banks. It was time for round two today.

While playing both parts using video editing, Carmella rocked red and blonde wigs and smack talked herself. This segment consisted of the two arguing about title reigns.

Carmella really likes making videos, but fans will never see some of them. She recently made a pretty funny joke while with Corey Graves about their private video collection.

This recent TikTok video was pretty entertaining. We can only imagine that she’ll have more to come. Mella had The Man and The Queen’s mannerisms down pretty well, but she’s also spent plenty of time around them.

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