Internal Reaction To Anonymous WWE Employee Pleading For Tapings To Be Shut Down

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A letter was sent from someone claiming to be an anonymous WWE employee. This letter included a plea for Orange County to shut down the company’s television tapings. It was said that employees can’t speak up about their social distancing concerns and they are being forced to work. There is already push-back saying otherwise.

Wrestle Votes reports that nobody at the WWE tapings were told that they have to be there. The company isn’t forcing anyone to be there so they have the option not to work the tapings.

Regarding these suspected employee complaint rumors: from a direct source in the know…

Exact quote: “they have not FORCED anyone to work during this time.”

WWE is taping at a closed set until further notice. We can only hope that measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 will work and fans can return to live events very soon. Until then, we are thankful to have awesome readers like you.

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