Kofi Kingston Reveals Which WWE Superstar He Is Most Confident Wrestling Against

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WWE has a few Superstars on their roster who are workhorses, but greatly underrated. Cesaro’s name often comes up in conversations about this subject.

Cesaro recently appeared on New Day: Feel The Power. During the interview, Big E put Cesaro’s strength over in a huge way. Kofi Kingston followed up Big E’s commendation by explaining how confident he is when working with Cesaro.

Kofi explained that the first time Cesaro hit a suplex to the outside on him, he knew he had zero control of the move. Cesaro had Kofi safely in his power as he manhandled him. At this point, total trust exists between the two Superstars.

“When you stand on the outside of the ropes and suplex me to the outside and I remember the first time we went to go do that and I literally had no choice. You hooked me and I was like, ‘Okay I guess we’re going — okay — oh my god!’ You know what I’m saying. I literally had no control of whether I was going or not, like I literally had no choice, you know?”

“There’s been a lot of moves like that to the point where you say, ‘Oh, I’ll just catch you and I’ll do this,’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I know you will.'”

“There’s no other opponent that I’ve had more confidence in the ring with knowing that everything it going to be executed to perfection. It’s just another tribute to you.”

Cesaro continues to wow audiences in front of zero live fans. Hopefully, fans will be able safely return to WWE events once again very soon. In the meantime, Kofi Kingston probably wouldn’t mind wrestling Cesaro a few more times if WWE could work that out.

Who is your favorite underrated WWE Superstar? Sound off in the comments below!

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