Why WWE Finally Released The Revival From Their Contracts

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The Revival were finally granted their releases from WWE. Now the Top Guys are out and it is an immediate separation. They are now free to sign where ever they like.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explored some of the reasons why WWE might have decided to finally let Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood go. The company wasn’t paying them as they already made their downside guarantees so it was a matter of strategic timing.

“Whatever the reason it had to be today [that the Revival were released]. I think number 1 it’s Friday and it’s a very unique time and the feeling that it’ll be kinda buried in the news today with everything else. I don’t know if it’s because AEW just taped so much TV because the thing you don’t want is the guy showing up on AEW television right away.”

“They could tease their debut on Wednesday if they go ahead and sign them. I mean, there’s no non-compete. As far as why they were released now and they didn’t hold them you know maybe they wanted to release them.”

The Revival can’t go right out and start working the indies until things open up. The novel coronavirus shut down indie wrestling and also caused AEW to pre-tape at least a month’s worth of content.

It was noted that “they fired these guys” instead of granting their WWE release requests after asking for them over a year ago. The Revival will be fine and they got right to work establishing their post-WWE names and characters.

How would you debut The Revival in AEW? Why do you think WWE finally released them? Sound off in the comments below!

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