Lana Fires Back At Ronda Rousey Over Recent Negative Comments About WWE

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Ronda Rousey recently laid it all out there during an interview with Steve-O. She called WWE fans ungrateful and admitted that the WWE lifestyle isn’t for her.

Rousey was quite open about her feelings regarding a WWE return. She also called it “fake fighting” during the interview. She loves it because of its relationship with acting and stunt choreography, but it’s still “fake.”

Lana didn’t like hearing Ronda Rousey say that one bit. The Ravishing Russian fired off a reply at The Baddest Woman On The Planet where she admonished Rousey for calling something fake when so many people have been hurt doing it.

I have NO WORDS for her audacity to save “fake fighting” !!!!!! If it’s fake why can’t @RealPaigeWWE & @TJWilson can’t wrestle anymore ?? If it is fake why couldn’t @EdgeRatedR wrestle for 11 years ???? This is a contact sport where REAL things happen!

The idea that pro wrestling is “fake” should be left in the past along with so many preconceived notions about sports entertainment. Superstars put their bodies on the line to perform in the ring. The finishes might be predetermined, but that doesn’t make the bumps hurt any less.

What do you think about what Ronda Rousey said? Does she have a reason to be so upset? Sound off in the comments below!

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