DDP Considers Helping Jake Roberts Out In A Big Way

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Jake Roberts is in isolation like a lot of other people. He is apparently stuck in a hotel and not having the greatest time. DDP might be able to help out.

A few days ago, The Snake tweeted out that he is still sober, but the hotel room keeps shrinking on him. Isolation isn’t going too well for the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Getting tough being alone all the time. Hotel room keeps shrinking. Jealous of those with family or partners. Still sober

DDP saw this tweet from Jake Roberts and he got to thinking about it. Diamond Dallas Page has let Roberts stay at his home before. Perhaps it’s time for another visit to the Recovery Crib.

Thinking about bringing Jake back into the the Recovery Crib (my home) with a few strict Guidelines… As Macho would say… Thinking? Thinking? Thinking?

We’ll have to see if Jake Roberts ends up hanging out with DDP for a little while. There will apparently need to be some rules laid down before he can move back in.

What kind of roommate do you think Jake Roberts would be? Sound off in the comments below!

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