WrestlCon was forced to cancel their event. That didn’t seem to matter to Marriott, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. There was a call to action and it certainly paid off.

Chris Jericho led a charge against Marriott over sticking WrestleCon with a bill of $114,202. Now thanks to Y2J, Kevin Owens, and others who spoke out about this Marriott changed their tune.

WrestleCon was happy to report that Marriott is no longer holding them to those charges.

5:46pm update. Thanks to Marriott Westshore for agreeing to honor the Force Majeure clause and not holding either our guests or WC responsible for the liquidated damages. The Emergency Declaration by Gov DeSantis to cancel events over the next 30 days was a major factor.

We’d also like to thank the NY Yankees and Steinbrenner Field for agreeing today to return our rental payment, in full, due to circumstances. They are an outstanding organization and if we are able to return to Tampa in the future, they will be our first phone call.

We anxiously await the decision of The Ritz and the Bus company we paid to complete the list of venues and services that we contracted to use in Tampa.

And although they specifically mentioned that the social media campaign led by @IAmJericho had absolutely nothing to do with their decision making process, we appreciate both Chris and our Twitter audience for having our back… now back to issuing refunds…

This was a small win during a terrible situation. It’s a great thing that WrestleCon weren’t stuck with this huge bill. They already have a venue booked for 2021 in Los Angeles. Hopefully, this is a situation they never have to encounter again.

H Jenkins

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