WWE suspended Samoa Joe for failing Wellness Policy test. This was very interesting timing.

We previously reported that WWE might have been tipping off Superstars about impending drug tests for years. That could be the reason why they went so long without failing anyone.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the timing of Samoa Joe’s suspension. Wrestle Votes broke the story weeks ago that he was suspended, but Joe kept working. Once WWE realized that a concussion was really going to keep Joe out of action then they revealed his failure. According to Meltzer this is nothing new because they’ve been timing suspensions for years.

“Maybe they didn’t think that he was going to be out for a month. Now they know he’s gonna be out for a month [with a concussion]. It’s not that weird, I mean they’ve timed suspensions before. Plenty of guys we’d hear about guys failing — I mean you’ve heard stories about guys who fail the test in June and in September they get suspended. I mean, that’s not weird.”


Andrade failed a Wellness Policy test, but his suspension was conveniently up just in time for WWE Super ShowDown.

It is said that the “usual protocol” is that a Superstar will work one television date after their failure to write them off television. “Sometimes it’s months later, I don’t know why.”

It might not be weird for WWE, but that’s still not how drug failure suspensions are supposed to work. WWE obviously wants to present the idea that they are a drug-free company and taking measures to ensure that. The issue comes when it’s not convienant to suspend someone.

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