AEW is making big plans for the future of the company. It seems that every week a new announcement is made to solidify the idea that All Elite Wrestling isn’t going away.

An announcement about their new line of action figures will be soon followed by many more revelations. After all, fans are still clamoring for a video game announcement.

During the AEW media teleconference call, Cody Rhodes revealed that he has taken an ownership role of a wrestling school they are now dubbing “The Nightmare Factory.” He went on to explain that they have plans to make a trip to the NCAA finals. We’re assuming that he’s talking about wrestling, but Cody and Taz could end up scouting many athletes with cross-over capabilities.

“I know that me and Taz want to take a trip to the NCAA finals. I know on the combine itself I know there are eyes on the combine as far as grooming professional athletes who have a look and size, but then again we are also that DIY company and you’ve got Matt and Nick Jackson The Young Bucks who are born and bred on an independent level they’re still mining the independent scene as well. So our eyes are open to all, you know I mentioned the NCAA tournament, but at the same time we’re looking at the hottest independent acts in all of pro wrestling in Northern California and all around the globe, Defy… all those good places.”


We’ll have to see what’s in the future for AEW. Anthony Ogogo was big signing and they are teaching him pro wrestling basically from scratch at the Nightmare Factor.

It seems like All Elite Wrestling realizes that they need to make their own stars. This is especially true when there are people out there willing to break the bank to lock down practically every other star on the planet with previous experience.

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