How AEW Intends On Training New Stars

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AEW announced that they signed former Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo. He is All Elite Wrestling’s first developmental talent. They are also taking the responsibility of fostering new talents seriously.

While speaking to Fightful, Cody Rhodes explained how AEW will go about training new stars without a training center. They have people like Dustin Rhodes and Dean Malenko who can help out on the road. The company is certainly using the talents of their coaching staff and hopefully, they will help craft a star out of Anthony Ogogo.

“He’s our first developmental sign. We don’t have a developmental center but we have Dustin Rhodes, we have Dean Malenko, we have all these great coaches at our disposal who can train somebody on the road from the ground up and he’s an Olympic boxer. We want people from all walks of life.”

“It’s great to just go to the independents and just cherry pick. That’s what Bill Watts did and Dusty did and all the great promoters have done.”

“They would go out and pick these great athletes. You can’t force them to fall in love with wrestling, but in the case of Anthony Ogogo, he already fell in love with pro wrestling. So I wanted to announce him and selfishly, I wanted to make up for something that I had said at Starrcast where I said how great our UK deal was for AEW.“

We’ll have to see when Anthony Ogogo shows up on Dynamite. He might not take too long before some television exposure is needed. All Elite Wrestling picked the coaches they have for a reason and they know a lot that can help Ogogo along.

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