Marty Scurll Teases Fans With Hopes Of Working With AEW

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Marty Scurll didn’t sign a deal with All Elite Wrestling. He inked a new contract with ROH that came with a great paycheck and amazing benefits. It seems as if he has a lot of freedom right now.

There might be a chance that Scurll could work something out with AEW. He’s able to work with the NWA and NJPW as well. Scurll certainly raised a lot of eyebrows when he uploaded an image to his Instagram story of himself with some old friends.

We’re not sure when this image was taken, but it reminds us of old times. Marty Scurll seemingly had a place carved out for him in AEW if he decided to join them.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens down the line. The fact that The Villain uploaded this image gives us the impression that he hasn’t forgotten about his old Elite friends.

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