Becky Lynch On Wanting To Build Asuka As A Monster For WWE Royal Rumble

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Asuka and Becky Lynch will close up a year-long story at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. It was not intentional, but everything seemed to work out to provide the illusion of long-term booking.

While she was on WWE Backstage Becky Lynch said she saw how Asuka had the rug pulled out from under her after WrestleMania. She wants to be a part of building Asuka up as a monster and for their match at the Royal Rumble to tell that story.

“I feel weird talking about the mechanics of things, but I want to make her a monster because that is who she is and I’m doing my best. She’s the one person that I haven’t beat yet. I love that story because it’s a person that I haven’t beat and it’s going into that doubt, that doubt that stopped me from wrestling seven years ago. That ‘can I do this? Do I have the ability to beat this person?’ Am I gonna fight it or am I gonna walk away? Am I gonna run away or will I continue?’ Yeah, she’s phenomenal.”

Becky Lynch and Asuka will do battle at the Royal Rumble in Houston, Texas. The Royal Rumble is usually a night full of surprises. Let’s see if the RAW Women’s Title match match will also hold a shocking moment or two.

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