WWE is a very large company with many layers. They have a corporate level that is represented on the stock market and in board rooms. The everyday operations of the pro wrestling side of things works in a much different way.

Jensen Karp recently spoke to Swing & Mrs. He explained a unique way that Vince McMahon would deal with people who fell asleep on the WWE private jet. He also revealed that JBL never called him by his real name.

Karp said that at a certain point the backstage bullying would get to a point where it made things difficult to actually write the television show.

“Well, I didn’t [deal with it]. I left [WWE]. I’ve been pretty vocal about Bradshaw [JBL], and I haven’t hid it on Twitter. I think he was, in the grand scheme of things, nice to me compared to other people. But calling me ‘sh*t head’ for six months and not wanting to learn my real name – it’s so degrading.”

“At a certain point you’re like, ‘You know I have to be creative for this show. The more you make me feel bad, it makes it bad content. So, you’re affecting the show.'”

WWE has come under fire in the past for fostering a backstage environment that encourages bullying. It is a very competitive business, but some take things too far. JBL was also specifically mentioned in the past after he caused Mauro Ranallo to step away from the company.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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