Ryback is no longer with WWE and he knows all about how hard it can be to separate from the company. He has also seen the power WWE has to alter any Superstar’s history that they wish.

WWE recently edited Dean Ambrose’s name out of a video showing The Shield’s debut. During his Big Guy Podcast, Ryback discussed how “WWE does petty sh*t” because they can.

“That is what they do, little petty sh*t man because they know it’s just taking a little stab at him. They can say, oh, it was an accident, we didn’t mean to do that. Triple H saying, oh, I don’t know how that happened, but they know exactly what they are doing in all of that. They know it’s going to irk Dean Ambrose a little bit, so that is all that it is, just petty bullsh*t.”

“They don’t care about anyone. This whole playground was built for Vince McMahon to make as much money as possible. The fans are starting to see it, the wrestlers realize it really quickly. It’s all just a game. None of it makes sense, none of it matters. All that matters is how can Vince McMahon make as much money as possible off of the human lives that he has that are so devoted to pro wrestling. That is all the game is for him over there. There is no emotional connection or nothing. He used those guys to make more money. That is the little stuff that they do.”

WWE isn’t likely don’t editing their history to fit the narrative that Vince McMahon wants to drive forward. We’ll just have to pay close attention because you really never know when it could happen next just because Vince McMahon’s company can.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

Felix Upton

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