Cain Velasquez made his big surprise debut on WWE programming during the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox. This saw him immediately placed into a top program versus Brock Lesnar.

Following Lesnar’s victory over Velasquez at WWE Crown Jewel, Brock has moved on. Now he is currently enjoying some time off as WWE Champion. Cain Velasquez wrestled and won tag team match with Humberto Carrillo in Mexico, but now it appears that the two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion is also taking some time off.

Velasquez was considering stem cell treatments to avoid knee surgery. It’s uncertain if he received those treatments yet, but he had glowing reviews from guys like Rey Mysterio and John Morrison. Now Brad Shepard reports that at this time there no “committed dates” for Cain Velasquez on the schedule.

According to a source in #WWE, there are no committed dates on Cain Velasquez going forward.


WWE doesn’t list all of their confirmed returns backstage, especially they’re planning a big surprise. Cain Velasquez is pretty high up in the betting odds to win the 2020 Royal Rumble as well. He was also spotted at the WWE Performance Center learning some good lucha things.

Let’s just wait and see when he’ll appear next. He signed a three-year deal with WWE so we will certainly be seeing Cain Velasquez in a WWE once again.

Felix Upton

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