Chris Jericho raised bit of a stir when Donald Trump Jr appeared on his Talk Is Jericho podcast. He replied that he is non-partisan which means he shows no political favor.

UPROXX recently spoke to Chris Jericho where he defended his choice to have Trump, Jr on his show. He couldn’t pass up having the son of the leader of the free world on his program.

Chris Jericho understands that some people didn’t like that Donald Trump, Jr was on his podcast. He also admitted that the viewership was good, but now great. Then he further discussed how Trump Jr can be so polarizing while admitting that he had to make some edits to the final product.

“America is such a polarizing place right now because of who’s in office. I’m not a political guy. I don’t even really know what my opinion is. To me, from a journalistic integrity standpoint of it, to have the son of the most powerful person in the free world was something I couldn’t turn down. When I was talking to him, did I agree with everything he said? Of course not. Did I agree with some of what he said? Of course I did. Did we edit some stuff out that I didn’t think was good or right? Yeah, I did.”


“I still get lumped in sometimes with wrestling podcasts, and that kind of bothers me. This year, for the first time ever, I got nominated for an IHeartRadio podcast award in the pop-culture category. To me, that was like, yes, that’s what I’m looking for. My competition in this business isn’t Steve Austin or Jim Ross, who are great at what they do — my competition is Joe Rogan, Adam Corolla, Chris Hardwick. Those are the guys I want to be compared with. Those are the types of guests I want to get. This was a step in that direction.”

It would be interesting to know what Talk Is Jericho ended up cutting from the Donald Trump, Jr interview. This is a very interesting question that we might never know the answer to.

In the meantime, Chris Jericho will keep running his podcast as he pleases while having whatever guest on that he decides to invite on his show.

Felix Upton

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