WWE Sent ‘A Clear Message’ To Locker Room With Jordan Myles Situation

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Jordan Myles raised a lot of controversy surrounding a t-shirt that WWE put out for him. That merchandise was pulled as soon as they realized that it resembled blackface, but Myles still wasn’t happy.

After saying that “WWE doesn’t care about black people,” Jordan Myles put out another video where he swore a lot, said “Jordan Myles is my slave name,” and he quit WWE.

Myles released a photo of himself signing what appeared to be WWE release papers. This was followed by a message to Vince McMahon saying that he can’t control him anymore.

Fightful Select reports that WWE hasn’t responded to questions regarding Myles’ current status with the company. It was also reported that his locker was cleared out at the WWE Performance Center and those who saw it go down felt that the company was sending a very “clear message.”

We’ve been told that his WWE Performance Center locker has been cleared out, and a box with his belongings were clear sight of the locker room “so everyone could see, a clear message” said one talent.

Triple H spoke about Superstars going public with their problems and he advised against it. Myles is already taking bookings in the Texas area as Super ACH once again as well.

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