Major Update: WWE says that Jordan Myles’ controversial merch was collaborative effort and he approved the design before it went out. Also zero shirts were sold of this design.

WWE has a lot of people working for their Shop. We’re not certain who created Jordan Myles’ recent t-shirt, but he was not happy about it at all.

The design showed Jordan Myles’ name in a curved fashion that resembled a smile. The problem is that a lot of people saw this design to look like a smile when someone was wearing blackface.

Myles called WWE out for this design. The t-shirt design was inexcusable and WWE pulled it over a month ago. The shirt is no longer available on the WWE Shop or the custom print shop they own either.


WWE has replaced the t-shirt, but Jordan Myles still isn’t very happy about it. He wants answers about why this happened in the first place.

Does it matter if the shirt was replace? The FACT that they even made the first one overshadows anything till WE get what we deserve.

This was a huge oversight on WWE’s part. Hopefully, they will run future designs through a different kind of approval process.

Old Design:

New Design:

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